Listen to BlazeRadio on Your Phone!

 (you can click the pictures to enlarge them)


  1. Go to your App Store and type in “BlazeRadio”. You should find our app.IMG_1018
  2. Download it, it’s free!IMG_0850
  3. Screenshot it and send it to us!



  1. Download the TuneIn App from the PlayStore. (It comes on most newer Androids).
  2. Go to “Browse”.Screenshot_2014-02-28-15-13-08
  3. Pick “Local Radio”.Screenshot_2014-02-28-15-13-19
  4. Scroll down to “Internet Only” and you should see BlazeRadio!Screenshot_2014-02-28-15-13-45
  5. Click “BlazeRadio (College Radio}” and listen. Screenshot it and send it to us!Screenshot_2014-02-28-15-14-06


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