Is Best Man Holiday about race?

Best Man Holiday is a follow up to the 1999 movie The Best Man. This comedy depicts the reunion of a group of friends who are coming together for Christmas after almost 15 years. The college friends discover old rivalries and romances. Though Best Man Holiday was not expected to do well, it pulled in $30 million dollars its opening weekend and came in second right behind Thor in the box office. The director of the movie, Malcolm D. Lee, did not expect this movie to earn this much since it cost about $17 million to make the movie. Though the movie did well, many critics are saying the movie was a race movie. USA Today made a headline calling the movie “race-themed”. This headline was later taken down. Is this movie “race-themed”?  Though race is discussed in an interracial relationship two of the characters share, race is at a rarity in this movie. Yes this movie depicts many popular black actors and actresses such as Nia Long, Taye Diggs, and Terrence Howard but does a black cast make a movie “race-themed”? Let me know what you think. Why would USA Today use this term?



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Here’s a link to a blog posts getting people’s opinions about the article from twitter.


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