Remembering Ronny Jordan

From a personal perspective, I have been so fortunate to have encountered so many greats in the vast universe of jazz. Guitarist Ronny Jordan (1962-2014) was one  of them, albeit an indirect one.  His influence on me as a listener and advocate of the culture is set in granite.


I’d never had the honor of meeting him in person, and I just missed seeing him in concert the one time he’d paid my hometown a visit (City Stages , early 90′s), & I would live to regret missing that chance, because several friends/associates approached me weeks later that were in attendance and told me in no uncertain terms just how awesome and professional Ronny was & how out of all the guitarists they’d ever seen in concert, he stood head and shoulders above everyone else,  but, somehow the winds of fate were kind enough to allow Ronny & I to exchange email dialogue a few years ago amidst a large amount of airplay for his music ensued. The conversation was spontaneous and memorable, his expressions of gratitude for what we’ve tried to do for his music and the culture he loved so much, was as endearing as it gets, in my eyes, he was one of the few faces in the industry whose contributions to the genre we call “acid jazz” are among the most impressive , honorable and credible …


Ronny’s music has always been, and always will be, a part of BlazeRadio’s legacy…At least, as long as I am blessed to be among its’ announcers’ lineup…Ronny Jordan was 51 years young.

Our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and many fans around the world.

His legacy will outrun the sky…. A Brighter Day came my way the day I first heard his music…May The Creator embrace his spirit…  A spirit of artistic brilliance & genuine sincerity.


Rest assured, when “The Jazz Is Out There” returns to BlazeRadio, first broadcast of the new year will celebrate his music & his memory…