BlazeRadio’s Top 25 Progressive Jazz CD’s for 2013.

Happy New Year to all of our loyal jazz listeners!!! Admittedly, “The Jazz Is Out There” relies a great deal on word of mouth from listeners, promoters, and fellow artists regarding recordings recommended for airplay, and the generosity from so many has been one of the intangibles that hopefully, makes our program so endearing & enjoyable for all concerned…I’ve stated a number of times how graced I am to have experienced so much great music, not just for my own personal enjoyment, but for our audiences as well…All the recordings that I have the good fortune of having come my way are going to be featured on our show, that’s a promise that I hope has been kept consistently over the years, yet, even though all of them bring levels of delight and artistic splendor, there are those releases, every given year, that bring a certain level of excitement & essence of intrigue, & for the last several years or so, I’d not been able to find a way to acknowledge this, so starting with 2014,  WBLZ is going to feature a periodic list of the top Progressive Jazz CD’s for that entire year, let’s shoot for monthly, shall we? But in the meantime, please allow me to acknowledge the 25 Jazz recordings of 2013 that inspired the most feedback , requests & inquiries from our listeners. When we were stationed in the old Hill University Center, people would walk by our booth, give a thumbs up sign, share a smile of approval walking by as they point to the overhead speakers in the hall outside the station, stop by and ask who they’re listening to or break out in a spontaneous dance routine in response to some of the selections from the following releases:

1-Francesca Simone   -  Playground

2-Vanessa Rubin & Don Braden     -   Full Circle

3-Eric Essix     – Evolution

4-Maniacal 4     -  Carry On

5-Gina Kronstadt     -  Come Over

6-Makaya McCraven -  Split Decision

7-George Duke     – Dreamweaver

8- Tracy Hamlin     – This Is My Life

9- Natalie Cressman & Secret Garden    – Unfolding

10-Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet – Latin Jazz! Jazz Latin

11- P.J Spraggins – Pure Logic

12- Carmen Lundy – Changes

13-Melvin M. Miller – I Hope You Dance

14- Eugenie Jones – Black Lace, Blue Tears

15- Fred Fried & Core   – Core Bacharach

16-2 Good To Go feat. Chester A. Thomas   – Flying High

17-Toni Redd – Catching The Redd Eye

18- Michelle Pollace – New Beginning

19-Richard Lanham – Thou Swell

20- Beata Pater – Red

21-Izzy Chait – Everything Is Different Now

22- Alexandra Caselli – Gift

23-Tony McGhee – Who Is Tony McGhee?

24-Various Artists – Salsa De La Bahia, Volume 1.

25-Sean Micheal Ray – Overdue

I guess where jazz & BlazeRadio’s concerned, 2013 turned out to be the “Year Of The ‘Bone!”…3 of the top 10 artists listed are trombonists & there are vocalists galore featured, too.  In this new year, we shall bring in artists that shared new releases at the end of 2013 as new recordings, due to the unfortunate occurrence that befell our station on the night of Christmas Eve.


Also, look for posted playlists of previous broadcasts here on this page as soon as I get the green light from management to resume the show, I’m really looking forward to setting the web on fire with the finest progressive jazz the world has to offer. Hope you’ll join us and tell others about “The Jazz Is Out There”…