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  • Blog for A Life Worth Telling – Nancy Dorman-Hickson Interview

    Mrs. Nancy Dorman-Hickson is an extremely impressive lady. Can I say that she is stunning? I enjoyed a wonderful interview with Nancy today. She truly placed a blessing on my life because of the enormous wealth of information she bestowed on me as well as my audience. Mrs. Dorman-Hickson is the co-author of Diplomacy and […]

  • Upcoming Events

    We hope you guys are as excited about the upcoming semester as we are! We’ve been planning some great events for you, and we hope to see you at all of them. We’ll also be making some appearances at events hosted by other organizations as well, so keep your eyes opened! Here’s what our schedule […]

Past Events

  • TKO / The Independent

    Josh Flayhart checks out TKO, Auburn’s biggest and longest running underground dance night. Since 2009 their local hosts and special guest DJ’s have kept the crowd moving with the latest in Electro//Dubstep//Remix//H​ouse music.

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  • #Unleashthemusic Week

    During the week of Feb. 3-7,BlazeRadio was in the Commons playing some of your favorite songs and giving people the chance to win some free stuff. We gave away everything from t-shirts to razors!   All of the DJ’s had a blast with the students who made last week so successful and we can’t wait […]

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  • The World’s Fair

    BlazeRadio helped host UAB’s World’s Fair on Saturday, April 5th. Students were able to enjoy cool rides, great food, live performances, and great music from us! Check out some of the photos we took, as well as some of the screenshot from some videos on our Instagram.   Check out the videos on our Instagram […]

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  • Pancake Breakfast

    Recap of the Pancake Breakfast.

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